12 Ways To Ground Yourself and Regain Emotional Control

To get through the challenges and struggles of life without giving up or breaking down, we should be emotionally stable. This is where you should maintain emotional balance and control in high stress situations. Life can put us into situations where we can feel over burdened with despair, sadness, frustration even anger. We might feel like yelling, swinging, hollering or simply going nuts. In situations like that, it is best to just do your best to stay calm. Doing that maintains emotional balance. You can control this by simply grounding yourself. Grounding is a special skill or technique to get control of your emotions so that you do not do something that you will regret later on. Second, grounding yourself gives you a new outlook on the current situation. Following are 12 ways to ground yourself and regain emotional stability.

Mental focus

This is a method of grounding yourself in which you picture a place or event that is completely different from the one playing out in your life. If you get caught in an argument, you can start to picture a scene that is calm, peaceful and where you feel like you are in total control. If someone is condemning you, you can picture the words to your favorite song to completely distract yourself from the reality. In this way, you stay emotionally stable and grounded the whole time.

Touch grounding

Physical grounding is the technique that focuses your senses and helps you to become aware of your surroundings. You can change focus from the stressful people or situation, which you are in, and move it to the trees outdoors, bushes or grass in the area. Physical grounding also means to focus on sounds around you. If you hear a calming sound around you during the stressful event, focus on it and close out all the “noise”. Starting up in a physical activity such as weight training, martial arts, power walking or relaxed Tai chi can also take your mind off the stressful thing and help you to regain emotional control and stability.

Self medicate naturally

We all have voices in our heads…ahh come on, you know that is true! The voices tell us things that can be constructive or destructive in nature. If you end up in a challenging, high stress situation, you can begin some self-soothing. Simply mentally tell yourself some positive,  things that lift your emotions. Perk yourself up by thinking that even with the current situation, you have went through bigger challenges and come out on top. So, you will beat this too. Positive self-soothing is a very successful way to ground yourself and create emotional stability.

Hug others

During an emotionally harsh situation, people often have a lot of stored up energy. It manifests itself as anger, sadness or depression as opposed to other negatives. If left undone, it can cause us to take part in acts of violence. Thankfully, we can let go of this anger by simply hugging someone else. When our bodies touch each other, energy is transferred from person to person. Hugging can do this and help to reduce your unchecked emotion resulting in a calmer, controlled ending. In fact, a 21 second long hug has been scientifically proven to decrease depression.


Practiced by people all around the world for ages, meditation is a highly effective way to ground and get back emotional control. You can meditate while sitting in the lotus position or sitting in a chair with you back upright and your hands on your lap and during a slow walk. Take the time to empty your mind of all thoughts and become mindful of your breathing. Stay in this calm state for 20-30 minutes at a time. This will help to clear your mind and soul of problems resulting in better control of your emotions.

Practice breathing exercises-Prana

Control of your breath is one of the powerful methods of grounding yourself. Simply breathe in deeply and say one. Hold your breath and say two. Next exhale and count three. Do it again with all your focus placed on your breath. If any thoughts of issues come to mind, notice them immediately and then let it go and continue to breath. Practice this every day and you will get very good at it so that you can stabilize your emotions, in real time, whenever needed.

Sit in silence and be still

For a lot of us, losing control of our emotions is a upfront result of having too much we are dealing with at once. We cannot allow ourselves to handle too many responsibilities and obligations at the same time. This can drive us nuts and result in yelling out loud. How can you fix this? Simply take the time to sit in a position or place where you are completely still. Turn off your phone and sit in a spot where there is not any noise or troubling company. Take some time to be alone and quiet and concentrate on yourself with no thoughts in your mind. Spending some time in this position can help you to relax and figure out what can be removed from your life to make things easier. This realization helps you in becoming more stable emotionally.

Walk directly on the earth

This is a great way to get grounded. Whenever you feel emotionally overcharged, you can reclaim stability by getting in touch with Gaia. Take off your shoes and have a walk on the grass and soil. Enjoy feeling the dirt between your toes and the grass against your feet. In doing this, you are able to calm down and your energy will become balanced. Not only that but science has proven that grounding in this way heals your body. People report that just 15 minutes of grounding, this way, that they are pain free, emotionally free and more.

Enter a state of trance

The state of trance is where you are so focused on an activity that it is all you know for the moment. Whatever you are doing takes all your attention and you are so into it that you even lose track of time. We all have something that we love to do. It is possible to use it to help you become more emotionally stable. To rid yourself of unwanted, negative emotions, simply get into the activity which you enjoy that much. Release all your tension during the activity and focus on it 100%. Let go of everything else you need to be doing and even forget time. After a time of entering a state of trance, you will feel a lot better and possibly even cup with the solution to get out of your stressful situation.

Take a hot bath or relax in a hot tub

Putting yourself in hot water is a great way to ground yourself and get rid of tension. If you can, find some Epsom salts or essential oil of Lavender and put them into the water. Not only will it relax you and ease emotional tension, it will cleanse your skin and there is added health benefits. Taking a bath cleans off the day’s grime and rids you of negative energy too. This leaves you refreshed and gives you renewed strength to face the challenge head on.

Get involved in a hobby

All of us have an activity which we enjoy. It can be something that involves high-skill or a simple task. Examples of hobbies can be Crocheting, drawing, singing, playing musical instruments, writing, composing drama or playing video games. Hobbies are a very good way to restore emotional balance. Not only are they usually relaxing, but they also get you away from challenging emotional situations.

Listen to relaxing music

Music is a language known to everyone on Earth. The words, beat, melody and artist’s voice all carry some energy which can help to re-balance our emotions. If you end up in an emotionally trying situation, listen to some music that relaxes you. Let it play and be mindful of every note with no other thoughts in your mind. Slowly, you will relax and regain emotional stability.

The moral of the lesson

For us to function as the body was intended too, we need to be emotionally in control. The advice that is indicated above have been tried and tested and found to accomplish this. You can use the ideas to handle the storms that can show up in your life. They are ideas on how to keep calm and emerge as a problem-solver at all times.

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