Resetting your mind to find peace and tranquility again

When things in life begin to get to you more than usual, or maybe those things in your life are just compounding over time and there comes a time when enough is enough, you need to find a way to decompress. In all it’s meaning you need a mind reset. The best way, in today’s society is simply to get away from society, completely, if you want a complete reset that is. Many things we can do to decompress our minds and relax, chill, what ever words you use to explain it, forms of meditation, yoga etc. But all those things are like putting a band aid on a would with no medicine.

Its a temporary fix and then you are back in the middle of all that stress in your life. For a more permanent fix you need to reset your mind not occupy it. There is but one way to do that, take yourself out of the reason for the reset in the first place, and stay out of it until you are reset. Resetting your mind does not take 24 hours, it doesn’t take a weekend, it takes time. What you need is an extended vacation away from society, you need an appointment with nature. It is necessary just to get away and stay that way for a few weeks, months, even a year. Believe me, life can wait.

Because if the quality of your life is not worth living anyhow, what does it matter if you are trying to push through the garbage to try and accept what is not normal? It’s better that you reset your mind by getting far away from what is normal and back to nature where “natural” is is king over “normal”. So now you may be wondering, what sort of information must I know of for me to advise this drastic prescription for healing. What I can tell you is that there have been studies done that prove nature has actual healing power. Not only that but there have been studies done that prove that soil actually have natural anti-depressant microbes that are absorbed by human skin on contact.

The conclusion is, the more you are in nature and the more you are in contact with mother earth the more you reap natural healing benefits. This is why those who live off the grid and have made gardening a large part of their lives as well as those who go barefooted over shoes, all the time, seem to be much happier than most people, again, something that has been studied and found to be fact. If there is one thing you will learn about me, if you read enough of my writing, it will be that when I write about something I make sure it is backed by facts, not opinion. Furthermore, if I state my opinion I say that too.

There are many ways in which you can reset your mind using nature. Luckily we live in a country that has not cut down all the national forests completely and so there are long distance trails in which you can venture out on and like making a homage you can walk for months and never leave the forest. One in particular is the Appalachian Trail (AT), over 2000 miles, a foot path that begins in northern Georgia USA and continues all the way to Bangor Maine. Each March, 1000’s of people will begin their spiritual journey starting in Georgia and ending about September in Maine.

Everyone I know has stated that walking the AT has changed their life 100%. There are many long distance trails in the US where you can go to reset your mind. If hiking is not a thing you can do, then there is another way. There is a movement growing in the US, it is the off grid/homesteading, back to simple life grassroots movement where folks are moving out of society and off into the country, buying a piece of cheap land and building a simpler life that mirrors self sufficiency, sustainability, and holistic living to name a few areas. Now I am not suggesting you jump on the band wagon as that is more of a permanent life style change.

Of course if that is for you by all means go for it. But there is a website that is the international directory for intentional communities (ICs) and a lot of ICs are off grid communities. How you can use this is decided where you want to go, what state, what area and use the directory to locate listings of ICs in the area and contact them. Just about all ICs accept new members and most accept visitors. You could join an off grid community for a while, let yourself heal and then decide what you will do, later. Getting back to nature is one of the most effective ways of healing there is.

Most all the diseases and illnesses, including mental illness, we see today in people all over, is connected to how people are living now. Modern life is by no means natural. Normal, yes, but it is not how humans evolved, and not how we were meant to live. Although that is no fact, it is definitely not an opinion, but arguably showing it must be true each day as more and more people are leaving society and modern life to get back to the basics, not only in the US, but the world. Mainly I just wanted to convey to you, the reader that there is healing powers to be found in nature and because you are living a very unnatural life that you do not have to let it destroy you.

You are free to venture out into the world, and drop off the grid to find your sanity again. And who knows you just may find yourself completely, hidden out in those trees.

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