How to use the knowledge from your Akashic records reading

Akashic records are the records of our souls journey’s. Each life we live is full of lessons and karma. Each of us have lots of karma we need to work through. I guess the Buddhists have it as right as you can get when they live their current lives diluting karma, 24/7. Do not underestimate the connection of an family pet’s soul to it’s master. That is an adorable connection, to say the least. Akashic records are meant to see what you have done so you can have a greater impact of the karma dilution in this life. If you know without having to just reap the karma of something your soul did in a past life, then you have the upper hand. So the information is meant this way.  

When we begin to understand and look at it that way, we begin to understand that any knowledge we come across like that is meant to be used to make us a better being. For instance, if you have karma built up from terrorizing animals as a young person in a past life, as many of us do, the Buddhists say, for that karma you must live a life that is sad, lonely, poor and hard. Then we exhaust that karma and learn to be more compassionate because we are placed in the shoes of those less fortunate…the opposite of a rich, happy, loved and easy life. That is a lesson learned. You would not normally know why you are having to endure such hardships.

But as you would learn through accessing your Akashic records, you can push that lesson through faster by immediately taking up a life of pure compassion and be resolved of that karma immediately. Therefore, a good life will emerge for you.

When it comes to understanding certain connections to other people in this life, we can use the knowledge from our records to gain more insight as to why the connection exists now. As human beings we tend to think like a human, but in transcending beyond that thought style and into a higher consciousnesses thought style, thinking more like a spiritual being instead, you won’t see your past connection with another person’s soul as say their pet; rather you will see it as two souls, yours and theirs, taking up temporary residences in biological bodies, both according to each others past life karma. Them in their body and you in your animal body were the best way for the universe to teach you lessons that need to be learned.

For instance, if in the life before, you were a person’s pet cat you were a human that got joy from torturing cats you could possibly be born a cat that lives it’s life ill, diseased, suffering and eventually succumbs to a nasty death. The punishment would be for what you did in the previous life, but there would be a lesson to learn so the universe would make sure you were taken into a human family where there was a little child that cared for and comforted you until your dying day. That show of compassion your soul would see between a human and a pet thereby teaching you how a relationship with a pet was more rewarding when as a human you were more compassionate. Your next life would normally be much better.

There are also many people who understand that knowledge learned is wisdom kept, you never really forget, per say, anything you’ve learned in past lives. But with that forgetting upon reincarnation, there goes the memory of how to play…say, a piano. Tapping into past knowledge through Akashic records looking can reward you with instant knowledge of how to play again. Akashic records are really meant for the individual to tap into, and it is quite easy. Not far reached from a past life reading, except past life readings are 1 life back. It is easy to look through human eyes at the Spiritual side, but in reality we are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spirit beings having a human experience.

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