What Exactly Are Angel Numbers?

Angels, also known as spirit guides, live among us. We can not see them but they let us know that they are here. Have you ever seen a white flash or perhaps, sparkles all of a sudden. That’s them, letting you know that they are around. They are here to guide us and make sure we stay on the right path. If we fall out of alignment, they will quickly take action by sending us numbers, known as angel numbers. Each number has it’s own meaning and own symbolization. Remember, angels are celestial beings who live in a realm that exists at a higher vibrational frequency than the physical world. The physical realm has a much slower and lower frequency. For angels to communicate with us, they have to do so through our minds.

The angels understand that we rely highly upon numbers. We constantly check the time, see how much you spent at the store, gas prices and so on. The best way for them to send their message is through numbers. But, just how do you know that its an angel number? Well, lets just say you wake up around 2:22 am for no reason other than to just check the time. You start your new job and the address is 222 such and such street. You check your email, and there happens to be 222 emails. Once this starts going on for about three days to a week, its time to look up the meaning of this number. There are so many numbers the angels use to communicate with us.

Sometimes, if your really out of alignment with your life, when you feel lost and nothing seems to go the way you want, you will get a chain reaction of numbers. This means, number after number til your on the right path again. Like me, I was given 5 numbers from my angels which led me to this path that heals, teaches and serves people. I am now fulfilling my life’s purpose thanks to the angels providing me guidance in life. When you see a repetitive series of numbers they are actually carrying specific information about your situation that you can use to improve your life.

These numbers are more than just some number, they are messages from a higher divine realm. Numbers have been used for thousands of years even in physical form to communicate, such as numerology. One of the uses of numerology is to find out your life path by using your date of birth. Numbers are sacred and very important. Below are just a few angel numbers with a short meaning:

Angel number 111

The angel number 111 is a symbol of spiritual awakening, providing you with the opportunity to determine what your purpose in life is.

Angel number 222

The meaning of number 222 suggests that you are at a point in your life where you are looking for some sense of balance.

Angel number 333

Angel number 333 symbolizes aid and encouragement, just like the angel number 1313. It means that your angels are just nearby, ready to help and reassure you that your plans are going well.

Angel number 444

Angel number 444 means that you are right where you should be. There’s no need to worry if you keep seeing 444. When you see the angel numbers 444, it means that you are ready to receive help from your angels.

The more you see of the same number, the stronger the message. Such as, you have been seeing 222, but now, you see 2222. This meaning has an even deeper meaning. Angel numbers can be negative and positive but either way, they are used to guide us to the right path. Look at angel numbers as a life compass.

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2 thoughts on “What Exactly Are Angel Numbers?

  1. I see lots of twos in my life. But then, I’m Libra, so we are always seeking balance, lol!

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