5 psychic readings that can help you spiritually awaken

Most people have at one time or another experienced the services of a psychic advisor. However, just as there are all sorts of services you can order through a talented advisor there are many different types of psychics and not all are in it for the teaching and awakening. Yes some are real, some are not, some are natural some are learned. Everyone does everything different. But for this blog I am focusing on Starseed Psychics. We are a different group of advisors. We do what we do specifically because we are part of the continuum of higher consciousness. That means we are part of the bigger movement that is all about humanities evolution to higher consciousness.

This is an event that is currently taking place. So our services are meant to awaken and heal. We are not an place of entertainment and what we do for your inner being, your soul, your light self, whatever you call it; is much like what a modern day doctor might do for the physical body…and that is heal it. A wise person once said, and I wish I could remember the name, that if the spiritual self is sick the whole body will suffer. Just as you might have to see a doctor for an illness in your body or mind, you really should see a doctor for an emotional or spiritual illness too. So who do we see for emotional or spiritual healing?

That is where our advisors come in. All our psychics are also spiritual advisors and our services are the medicine you need to awaken and heal your mind and soul. Emotions are simply reactions to an illness in our minds, spirits or bodies. But I thought I would mention it because more times than not I have seen people list the the areas of potential illness as mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. There are actually just 3, emotions are reactions. Sometimes it may be necessary to ask your trusted advisor for their advice as to what medicine you may need (reading). Our advisors are skilled at listening and diagnosing and then offering advice and a reading which will interpret the spirits messages.

Here are 5 psychic readings that can help you spiritually awaken

  1. Life Path readings- A life path reading is an assessment using nothing but your date of birth of the actual mission you agreed to undertake before you were reincarnated to earth as a human being. Through the revered works of the late Deloris Cannon we know these life contracts as Life Paths and we use numbers to keep track of and separate each of the 10 paths and their master paths. A life path reading will reveal your entire reason for existence when done properly. It will even include a list of career fields you are mean to work in that correspond with who you really are.
  2. Aura reading- Each of us has an aura field that surrounds us. Clairvoyant psychics can see these fields usually. Each person has a unique aura that tells us many things about them. The field is seen as 1 or more colors and those colors have been decoded and documented as to what they mean. Through looking at your aura, with an aura reading, your psychic advisor can tell if you are ill, angry, if your energy is repelling other energies which might tell why you are having trouble attracting friends and love. It can reveal that your life is changing or that you are changing your ways or that you need to. It can also reveal a little about your life path but not usually in much detail. A good clairvoyant psychic will be able to tell if you are ill by looking for stagnant chi which display in the aura as a gray color too.
  3. Akashic Records reading- An Akashic records reading is done by going into a Shamanic trance and entering the spirit realm through deep meditation. There your psychic medium, if they have the know how, can access your souls life records. Akashic records are basically the blueprint of your souls journey. Your records can tell you who you have been, what you have been, how many times you have reincarnated, when you first reincarnated to earth and much more along those lines. The significance of accessing the Akashic records for cases of spiritual healing and awakening is that when we understand what karma we created in past lives we can begin to understand why in this life things are as they seem. From why we keep attracting the wrong men or women as romantic partners to why we are not successful or always ill and much more.
  4. Psychic tarot reading- Accessing the spirits messages through tools is one of the most ancient ways of spirit communication available still today. Through the use of Tarot cards, your psychic, if skilled, can tell you pretty much anything you wish to know. Your psychic can look into the cards to see if you are pregnant, if you are suffering from illness, when things may happen, what has happened in your past to bring you to where you are in the present and even warn you of impending doom before it happens with hopeful advice as how to avoid it…if possible. You can begin to understand how things in your past is affecting your present and with that knowledge you have more power to change things for the best. There are many layouts your psychic can use with the cards and each layout can reveal different aspects of spiritual messages. The Celtic Cross layout or spread, is the most complex and will tell an entire story for you.
  5. Claircognizant reading- Claircognizance is defined as clear knowing. As a psychic born with claircognizant abilities you were given the ability to just know things that can not be explained. It is one of the four basic intuitive senses, which include clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), and clairsentience (clear feeling). These metaphysical senses supplement your psychic’s five physical senses. If you are lucky enough to know a psychic born with this ability it is rare and you should take advantage of knowing this person. Your psychic can simply talk to you and picking up on your energy vibes and brain waves paired with their connection to the spirit realm (claircognizant gift) can reveal an amazing amount of information when you ask questions.

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