5 Ways A Starseed Can Find Peace In This World

If you are a Starseed being, you know it. You are unique, different, more awake than others wiser beyond your years, very intelligent and mature and you know you have a higher purpose on this Earth than just living day to day until you die. But when you try and fit into the world it is like putting a square peg into a round hole and no matter how hard you pound on it to conform, it just won’t. You find the world downright unnatural, unhealthy, irresponsible, on a path of self destruction and just want nothing to do with the whole system thing. Congratulations, you are among the select few that has volunteered to come to earth to try and save humanity before its to late. However, you need peace and you need to be able to live here happily and at least healthily in order to even try to complete your mission.

Here are 5 things, starting with the easiest and most simple to the biggest challenge but with the most reward:

  1. Turn on some shamanic drumming making sure it is set on 1-2 hours or looped, insert ear buds into your ear, lay on your bed, close your eyes and drift off into a Shamanic trance that takes you far, far away from this world. Stay as long as you want and come back only when you need too.
  2. Using safe herbs you can consume the amount needed to promote a spiritual journey and don’t even have to fully become entrenched in an unconscious trance state to reap the benefits. Just being in a constant state of bliss because of the herbs benefit is enough to shield you from the constant hounding of modern day societal life.
  3. From about mid March-mid September you can grab a long distance backpack, put on some hiking shoes, grab all you will need to survive and head off into the wilderness to walk the Appalachian Trail. If you choose to walk end to end it could take you up to 8 months to complete. By then it will be winter, time to come off the trail and hibernate someplace until next March to do it again. During which time you can choose to work and save funds, if you have too, so you can fund each walk, each March.
  4. Go to www.ic.org and locate a tribe. Find someplace that jives with your spirit and you jive with the spirit of the place and go check it out. See if it is a good fit for you. If you find that the members of the community, such as a spiritual or hippie community, are a great fit, take the next step and move to the community. You will find this rewarding, peaceful and highly relaxing to be around those that just get you and you get them. It is very empowering to be able to talk with those that understand you and you them, constantly.
  5. Move off the grid. That’s right, leave society all together and never come back except to visit and not until you are very healed up. Drop out of the rat race, modern day life, society, everything…just leave it all and move off the grid and find your blissful way of life and live happy, healthy and truly free. This is much easier than you might think. Living off the grid can empower you beyond belief. You will have access to clean air, clean energy, clean soil and food. Grow your own clean, healthy, spiritually healing food, converse with the trees if you want. Living off the grid, off in the forest in a cabin you build yourself making your own medicine and growing your own food will heal you and make it so you can survive in this world until it is time for you to move on.

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