Top 10 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Psychic

First off, what is the spirit realm and who can go there? Well anyone that has the ability can go, although if you have no recognized, most people are not chosen to be able to go to the spirit realm. It takes a certain maturity level, awakening, and understanding to enter the spirit realm and talk with the spirits there. Whether I am going to speak with a spirit guide or with past loved ones, there is an expected level of trust that must be understood. Believe me when I tell you, some of the questions I have had, as a professional psychic medium advisor, would blow your socks off. Even someone, such as myself, after 28 years of dealing with people and their questions pertaining to getting answers from me as a psychic…I am still shocked.

And that is hard to do! However, if some of these questions were ever brought to the spirit realm I would probably have my abilities revoked! Now I am not being insensitive and talking about my client’s in a negative fashion. I am talking about those people who are either ignorant or just plain messing around with their questions. So without further wait, here are Top 10 questions you should never ask your psychic:

  1. Will you ask my spirit guide if they can send another soul for my body while I go and spend some time in the spirit realm please?
  2. Will you ask my spirit guide if they can come here while I go to the spirit realm and do their job for a while?
  3. Can you cast a spell to change me into a female/male please?
  4. Can you cast a spell to send me to another dimension please?
  5. How can I go to the spirit realm permanently?
  6. Can you ask the spirits if they can make my ex leave his current lover and come back to me?
  7. Can you please ask the spirits to send me back to my mother’s womb so I can be born again?
  8. Can you go to the spirit realm for me and see what I will look like when I am old and let me know please?
  9. Can you open my third eye so I am a psychic immediately please?
  10. Will you please cast a spell to make a straight guy turn gay and fall in love with me?

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