Who Are You?

You don’t know? You are a light being having a human experience. You’ve just forgotten that is all. When you were reincarnated back to Earth you were meant to live your life based on a certain idea, an idea that was assigned to you while you were still in your energy form. Unfortunately part of the process of reincarnation is forgetting that information. Since we are all assigned spiritual guides/guardian angels, there is hope that we will be led properly to the path that we have forgotten about. The problem for most people is that we have forgotten who we really are and gotten head deep in this human existence. So between your spirit guides and the light workers that incarnate back to Earth, as well, such as our Starseed Psychics, there is a good chance you will find your way to this path called your Life Path.

Life Path Reading is a technique Starseed Psychics can use to learn what your life path is. Using nothing but your date of birth, our Advisors know how to calculate your path and after learning what your path is, they know how to advise you properly. Everyone needs to know what their Life Path is. Your life path reading will reveal a whole lot about who you are, why you are here, why you are experiencing certain things and even what career field you should be involved in. By walking the correct path for you then you will be in alignment with your existence. When we walk in alignment life is not so bad. Life becomes well worth living. Our spirit guides have a very hard job, their job is to guide us to our path and try and make us see the light, so to speak. But as humans we have this thing called free will, which our spirit guides can not mess with, and won’t.

This is why you find yourself in precarious times in life. When we are out of alignment, walking our own chosen path, for whatever reason we decided on, our lives can become very hard to live. Things don’t go right in our businesses, our relationships, our lives in general will seem harder than necessary. Yet when we are in alignment we see success, happiness, and everything just seems to be going your way. Our spirit guides do two things to guide us. #1 they place things in our path to make life hard. They do this to try and force us to turn around or walk a different direction in life. #2 they place things in our path that make life easy and enjoyable. Those things are meant to make us continue on in the direction we are moving in. Starseed Psychics are trained to see when you are out of alignment and in alignment with your life path.

In a nut shell you are here for a purpose, and until you learn what that purpose is, you could struggle. Some of us are here as light workers and our advisors can see that in you too. As a light worker you have a very important position on Earth, and that is in helping others learn who they are and awaken to the truth of that as well as everything else in the world, such as the current spiritual evolution of humanity, moving into a higher consciousness. Earth and humanity is raising it’s vibration and that means people are feeling different, some say “strange” and confused as to why. Some people are having psychic abilities come awake overnight and it freaks people out sometimes, they are still confused as to what is happening to them. All of this and more Starseed Psychics are fully aware of and can teach you the truths.

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