Earth Is Not My Home

I’ve been a very spiritual person most all my life. And most all my life people have sought refuge in my wisdom. I have always been wiser beyond my years, they said. I can not tell you how many times I have had people come to me and tell me that they feel like they want to go home, even though they are home, but they can not explain why. In fact, they do not even understand why they have this intense, ongoing feeling that they want to go home. And I can imagine it is quite confusing for these people. Now as a professional Psychic Advisor and Spiritual Counselor I have clients that come to me and ask me this question with hopes that I have the answer. For years I didn’t have the answer, although my wisdom led me to tell people, then, that they feel that way because they are not from planet Earth, so they are being pulled to return home. But that is about all I knew.

Now when my clients ask me this question it means that it is the time of their awakening and that they have been led to me to receive the counseling/teaching they need. I have become much wiser and less ignorant on the subject and now I have the ability to fully guide people to the truth. The truth that not only are they NOT of this world, but none of us are and that they have chosen to come to Earth to complete a mission that they volunteered for as a light being. The truth is, we are not what we think. We are more than that and we are all here for a purpose that goes well beyond the ordinary reasons of life. Although we are all different we all have something we are supposed to be doing and we all have a destiny and a path to walk that was predestined for us. Now I can tell you why that question weighs heavy on your mind and I love to really go into the details.

Teaching someone about who they truly are, involves an awakened being, such as one of the Starseed Psychic Advisors, with the abilities to see deeper into each client’s life. For me, that means looking at my client’s aura, researching their life path based on their date of birth and then talking deeply with the client about their visions, dreams, and thoughts. Dreams and visions are usually your spirit guide trying to get your attention. A person’s thoughts, for a Clairempath, like myself, are full of energy that tells a little story of that person. When my client talks to me, I hear what they are saying but I am listening to my spirit guide’s interpretation of what my client is actually saying. Their energy is the voice I listen too. As a Clairempath, every word a person speaks or does not speak contains energy. That energy is very revealing to me.  Having a feeling that you want to go home simply means what you think, you are not really home.

Because you are not your body. Your soul or spirit is what and who you are. That never dies. When this old body wears out our spirit moves on. But it goes to become part of another type of body, doesn’t just float around. You are a light being from the Angelic realm and you are not here permanently. So that longing is your soul awakening and wanting to return home, or that realm of light. You see to the soul this way of life is very unnatural. After some time it hurts to live this way, in more ways than one, and your soul begins to long to return to its pure light form. When a client asks me this question I know immediately that they are what is known as a Starseed. Starseeds have come to Earth to aid the planet and its people in the evolution of humanity, and the planet, that is evolving into a higher state of consciousness. Everyone on planet Earth, currently, is evolving.

And from time to time the planet will raise its vibration, that in turn has an effect on people. People’s vibration raises and they become a little more awake. Spiritually awake. Eventually, people and the planet will be nothing like you know today. Using just 1% of our brains, humanity must evolve or simply become extinct. Some people can now use more than 1% of their brains. As a homesick Starseed, you are probably one of them. For more information on Starseeds and the different types of Starseeds and the 3 waves of Starseeds that have been and still are incarnating to Earth, read our other blogs on the subjects. So this brings us to the question, do you want to know who you really are, what your life path is, and what it is that you are meant to be doing? Contact one of the Starseed Psychics today, and get a reading that will change your life!

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