Using the healing power of crystals

Have you ever felt drawn to crystals? Like there was some sort of connection between you and that crystal and you end up keeping it. But, not because of it’s beauty, but because of how it made you feel when it was in your presence. Crystals hold powers within them. Every single crystal has its own power but most have similar powers. These crystals were put here on earth to heal us star beings. But, some human decided to build a hospital and create pharmaceutical drugs that don’t heal but, suppress symptoms. Crystals, herbs, reiki, and so much more alternative medicine can do the same but actually, heal/cure.

For centuries, people around the world have been using crystal therapy as an alternative form of healing. Although the healing properties of these stones have not been scientifically proven, many believe in their power to change a person’s energy whether it be spiritually, mentally and physically. The theory is that gemstones carry certain vibrations that can change a person’s aura. I have stopped a headache using hematite, so I know crystals heal. Crystals also help aline our chakras. If you feel that your chakra is out of alignment, contact one of the Starseed Psychics about Chakra Healing.

When choosing a crystal, follow your intuition. Once you choose a new crystal, recharge and clean it by setting it in sunlight or moonlight (full moon is best) for 24 hours.

Crystal uses:

  • Emotional stability.
  • Stress-free mind.
  • Overcome depression
  • To keep one grounded and know the happenings of the surroundings.
  • To keep focused on the work and avoid distractions.
  • To find divinity in love and in relationships. 
  • To overcome fear and also to get detached from worldly pleasures.
  • To remove toxins and to ensure self-care.
  • To enhance our self-worth.
  • To enhance the generosity feeling and sympathy towards fellow creatures.

Below are some of the most common and popular crystals for crystal healing:

Agate – Brings stability, strength, balance, courage, eloquence and a clear mind. Increases self-esteem, calms body and mind. Helps with the first chakra.

Amethyst – Spirituality, transformation, protection, cleansing, promotes happiness and spiritual awareness, excellent for meditation, helps with sleep and absorbs negativity. In old times the Greek believed this stone helped against drinking and toxins. Helps with the 6th and 7th chakras.

Carnelian – Action and movement, personal power, concentration, courage, self-confidence, and determination. Focus on the present moment. Helps with the 2nd chakra.

Celestite – Connection with angelic energy and inspiration. Helps in the fluent channeling of the messages and energy received. Good for recalling dreams. Helps with the 5th chakra.

Aventurine – Luck with money matters. Increases creativity and originality. Helps against stress and bring a feeling of well being. Energy stimulates muscle tissue and blood. Helps with the 4th chakra.

Sunstone – Activates the inner sun and allows a free flow of energy. Can be used to eliminate fears, stress, increase vitality, independence and originality. Helps with the 3rd chakra.

Black Tourmaline – Repels negative energy. Has electrical properties as all tourmalines and works in the defense against debilitating diseases like a heart condition, arthritis, and weak immune system. Teaches how to keep radiating in the most obscure situations. Great curing power. Helps with the 1st chakra.

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