Feeling The Energy Rush?

Maybe you have been feeling it too! The truth is, unless you are tuned into your higher consciousness, even a little, you won’t even understand what is happening to you. Ordinary people will attribute their feelings and weird happenings to things that make them feel better such as they are coming down with an illness or they cannot sleep due to drinking too much caffeine or they are seeing things because they are simply going nuts, and then they just write all that off and laugh and move on. In the picture above these are scientifically proven things that the human body goes through every time this happens.

And this is not abnormal universe action. It happens all the time. It’s just that recently more and more people have been taking notice that their feelings and weird happenings happen more so around times like this event. What does it mean for us? As a psychic advisor, I would advise you to control your energy as much as you can, you will become overwhelmed much quicker during this event. And I know we are well into it. But I wanted to allow people to really start seeing many signs and symptoms and start researching the internet before I posted this here today. That way, it would be here when you all came looking :-).

Here are a few things you can do to help control your energy during this time. And if you choose not to control it, don’t come crying to us when you come down ill and with headaches and confusion and just all sorts of odds and ends about your life, body and whole world. Even relationships and careers can suffer if you let your energy get to high.

  • Practice grounding more
  • Take a shower for about 20 minutes
  • Play music in your home, office or car that contains no words or hardly any words. Music such as healing hertz tones music. Here is a good one.
  • Burn comforting incense to dispell negative energy
  • Burn candles to create a sense of serenity and calm mood
  • Pray and fast if you do that, this is a perfect time.
  • Watch what you eat, do not overeat or eat heavy things. Try for healthy eating for these few days. Its good for you anyhow.
  • Exercise but do not overdo it and do it in nature, not in a loud obnoxious energy filled, place, such as a gym. You are seeking solitude mostly.
  • Get a massage or go to a spa, the atmosphere is just the right amount of energy.
  • Avoid conflict, arguments and emotional moments for these few days.
  • When having sex, take it easier than normal, Seriously! Heart attacks are common during this type of event.
  • And for my last tip, ground often, daily, hourly. Walk barefoot upon the earth, in your home, and in grass or sand. Even for a moment, you will see you feel different almost immediately.

Once the event passes things will slowly come back to normal for you, but some of you will be at a higher state of consciousness. It is not uncommon to remain there, awakened some more than you were before. It is not out of the ordinary to want to pursue a new career path or lifestyle once you wake up some. If you are in need of determining where your life is supposed to be heading, what you are supposed to be doing, feel free to contact one of the Starseed Psychic and ask for a Life Path reading. Until we meet again…namaste.

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